Nr. Authors Title Pages
1. Natally STOYANOVA Practical application of logistics strategies in the agricultural company 12-22
2. Mentor ISUFAJ Fiscal autonomy of local government governance flexibility and responsiveness 23-30
3. Nijat HUSEYNOV Approach to the Azerbaijan economic structure: non-oil sector 31-43
4. Gaqo TANKU
Motivation of employees, and perception of its application in a health center 44-52
5. Moina RAUF “May I know your ethnicity please?” Understanding the significance of ethnic and kinship ties in business decision making in the textile industry of Pakistan 53-68
6. Shiv KUMAR Social capital and human well-being in Romania: an individual level analysis 69-78
7. Kuci ALUSH
Vladimir MUKA
Aspects regarding the efficiency of the tertiary education in integrated transport, sustainable way to develop the public policy 79-86
8. Mahmut MASCA Economic performance evaluation of European Union countries by Topsis method 87-99
9. Flavia Dana OLTEAN
Manuela Rozalia GABOR
Quality management and firm performance in the hotel industry: evidence from Mureș County 100-108
10. Daniela GEORGESCU
Influencing the performance and financial position as reported in the annual financial statements using creative methods 109-113
11. Domenico CONSOLI The use of social media and e-commerce: a winning strategy for small businesses 114-124
12. Andreea-Alice CRISTU The unemployment - major unbalance of the labour market 125-134
13. Cezar TOADER
The informatic application Smart Personnel Evaluation 135-140
14. Grațiela Dana BOCA
Lindita MUKAJ
Impact of knowledge management clusters in Albanian SME’S 141-150
15. Bianca AVRAM
Simona SABOU
Liliana Adela ZIMA
The manner in which the professional status of individuals influences the natural mobility of the Romanian population 151-160
16. Violeta SIMA
Ileana Georgiana GHEORGHE
Augustin MITU
The feminine entrepreneurship in Romania and new ways for its development 161-171
17. Gabriela OPREA
Alina Gabriela BREZOI
Price reductions-an effective method of attracting customers and improve the level of sales 172-178
18. Andreea Mihaela MARIN The perception of the Romanian economic environment regarding the adoption of the international financial reporting standards 179-184
19. Gabriel CHELARIU The link between corporate social responsibility and financial performance: a quantitative analysis for companies in Romania 185-191
20. Laura Mariana CISMAŞ
Current factors for launching regional competitiveness: an econometric approach 192-197
21. Andreea-Alice CRISTU The promotion of the sustainable development, strategical objective for the whole humanity 198-207
22. Manuela Rozalia GABOR
Flavia Dana OLTEAN
What macroeconomic index differentiates or similar the European tourism competitiviness? A multimethod analysis 208-214
23. Liviu WARTER
The phenomenon of merger and acquisition within the automotive industry 215-222
24. Gabriela OPREA Current trends in business management-working on projects: challenges and issues 223-228
25. Daniela Steluța UȚĂ
Augustin MITU
A model of consumer’s attitude towards durable goods 229-238
26. Rita TOADER
Diana Cezara TOADER
Analysis of the management system of the company 239-245
27. Cristian Liviu VELE Do Romanian managers support their employees? An empirical research 246-254
28. Andreea-Alice CRISTU Aspects regarding the efficiency of the tertiary education in the context of sustainable development 255-262
29. Corina M. RĂDULESCU New strategic orientation of firms based on value innovation 263-271
30. Rada-Florina HAHN The role of the negotiation in management and the results of an organization. The formation of the team of negotiation, features, guidance 272-281
31. Cezar TOADER
Diana Cezara TOADER
Modelling a reliable distributed system based on the management of replication processes 282-290
32. Iulian WARTER
Managing the intercultural issues in automotive industry mergers and acquisitions 291-299
33. Grațiela Dana BOCA
Lindita MUKAJ
Cultural barriers between organization and knowledge management 300-311
Anne Marie HORDĂU
The analysis of unemployment in Romania 312-317
35. Izabela Luiza POP Financial diagnosis as a tool of improving the performance of an organisation 318-329